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Best 360 games

best 360 games

There's nearly Xbox games currently on the market, but they're not all winners. Check out our favorite titles, from 'Limbo' to 'Portal 2'". We chronicle the best of Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade after nine incredible years. View "The 30 Best Xbox Games of All Time" and more funny posts We're sticking to games that were originally released on a retail disc.

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Lost Odyssey buy it here A lot of people were disappointed that Final Fantasy XIII wasn't the JRPG they were looking for, but anyone looking for a traditional FF should look no further than Lost Odyssey. It combined traditional techniques with new flourishes like Focus attacks and comeback-enabling Ultras, plus a few zany additions to the roster. But death was not the destiny of this great RPG. You probably have more of a heartfelt connection with one or every member of Commander Shepard's crew than at least 50 percent of the people you know in real life. Sure, the LeBron mode in 2K14 is a dud, and Crews still isn't what it should be, but My Career and My GM are all the modes you need and more. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 No Going Back Episode five, thankfully, gives you the room to decide where Clementine ends up and suggests that your decisions are going to have a permanent effect on her future. Contrary to what you might've heard, this game--and the Souls series as a whole--is not about death:

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TOP 10 Must Play Xbox 360 Games! Throughout that decade, its game library has grown to include some of the best shooters, RPGs, platformers, and adventure games ever seen. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 No Going Back Episode five, thankfully, gives you the room to decide where Clementine ends up and suggests that your decisions are going to have a permanent effect on her future. Never before has there been such a content-packed racing game, playable for people of all skill levels, that feels this good. Gaming Xbox PlayStation Nintendo PC Mobile Minecraft Classic Games. Highest of the Month Lowest of the Month. Though it doesn't say when, all seven titles below are already being worked on for support. DS2 ramps up the action--often a mistake with a horror sequel--and it pays off thanks to a deeper story thats more interested in character development than the first game. Updated December 04, But as a full package, Call of Duty 4: The neverending list of objects to build, resources to gather, and user-made content to explore and admire will leave you sleepless and haunted by visions of blocky masterpieces and the relentless crunching sound of your shovel going chk, chk, chk, chk. The best GTA game ever made. I had always been passionately against giving out perfect The Xbox had an outstanding games library, and none stood out more than the games that we've listed below. And once you crack that code, you'll realize you have the pieces to crack another. New Xbox Releases by Date New Xbox Releases by Title Best Recent Releases for Xbox Upcoming Xbox Release Calendar All-Time High Scores - Xbox All Xbox Games: Far Cry 3 is a game you must play, no matter how tired of first-person shooters or open-world games you think you are. Dark Souls Fantasy Role-Playing GameSpot Review: Local co-op allows for instant creativity as you and yours build a unique world from scratch, using harvested materials and collaborative teamwork. FIFA has been through so many iterations, youd expect the formula to be perfect by now. best 360 games Retro Evolved" and "Geometry Wars 2" in the newer game. Hundreds of games have been released for the Xbox since its release inmaking the task of choosing the best on the console an extremely tough one. After your plane crashes in the ocean in the first game, your character discovers an underwater city called "Rapture," a utopian Atlantis gone wrong. Thailand now news first Dead Space is a frightening experience that echoes the brilliance of the original Alien film, but Dead Space 2 ends up besting it in ways we didnt expect. PlayStation Now Lineup Adds PS4 Games. How far are you willing to go to gain power? With a great campaign, tons of multiplayer best 360 games that all let you use bots if you don't want to play online, along with some of the best co-op play around make Gears 3 a must play for shooter fans. If your squad is wiped it's your fault for giving them bad orders. Signed in as Show comment Hide comment. Without giving specific numbers, Microsoft says even more Xbox games are headed to the Xbox Texas holdem rules hands through backward compatibility:. It may be puerile, and it may be silly, but the third-person sandbox series "Saint's Row" has some especially high highs. The tale of an inexperienced Lara having to fight to survive while stranded on a creepy, cult-infested island is surprisingly gritty and brutal. Once again, you're pitted against an entire madness spiele of murderous psychopaths with your arsenal of firearms and vigor powers. Because the games storytelling makes almost every other game seem childish by comparison.

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